General Provisions - Title 16, Article 1

California Acupuncture Regulations

1399.400. Citation.
This chapter may be cited and referred to as the "Acupuncture Regulations."
1399.403. Definitions.
For the purpose of the regulations contained in this chapter, the terms
  1. "Board" shall mean the Acupuncture Board.
  2. "Code" shall mean the Business and Professions Code.
1399.405. Delegation of Functions.
Except for those powers reserved exclusively to the "agency itself" under the Administrative Procedure Act Section 11500, et seq. of the Government Code, the board delegates and confers upon the executive officer of the board, or in his or her absence, the executive director of the board, all functions necessary to the dispatch of business of the board in connection with investigative and administrative proceedings under the jurisdiction of the board.
1399.406. Filing of Addresses.
Each person holding a license, registration, approval or any other authority issued under this chapter shall file his or her proper and current mailing address with the board, and shall notify the board, in writing, within thirty (30) days of any and all changes of mailing address, giving both the old and new address.

Applications Generally - Title 16, Article 2

California Acupuncture Regulations

1399.410. Verification. All statements submitted by or on behalf of an applicant shall be made under penalty of perjury. 1399.411. Certification of Documentation. Documentation submitted by or on behalf of the applicant shall be certified by the appropriate official or governmental seal or authority. The board in its discretion may waive this requirement when it is determined that it cannot be obtained through the exercise of due diligence....

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Acupuncture Tutorials - Title 16, Article 3

California Acupuncture Regulations

1399.420. Citation and Reference This article shall be cited and referred to as the "Acupuncture Tutorial Regulations." 1399.421. Definitions. As used in these regulations: "Acupuncture tutorial" means an acupuncture tutorial program which is approved by the board pursuant to Sections 4939 and 4940 of the code which when successfully completed meets the requirements of Section 4938 of the code for licensure as an acupuncturist. "Supervising acupuncturist" or "supervisor" means a licensed acupuncturist who is approved by the board to provide an acupuncture tutorial to a trainee who is registered with the board pursuant to Section 4940 of the code...

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Acupuncture Training Programs - Title 16, Article 3.5

California Acupuncture Regulations

1399.434. Criteria for Approval of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Training Programs (effective 1/1/05) A school approved by the board shall use a training program, which relate to the study and practice of acupuncture and oriental medicine, for all students entering its acupuncture and Oriental medicine training program on or after January 1, 2005 that meets the following criteria: Basic Sciences - 350 hours The curriculum in basic sciences shall prepare students to enter postsecondary upper division biomedical and clinical science courses and shall consist of at least 350 hours of didactic and laboratory instruction in the following basic science...

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Examinations and Demonstrations of Competency - Title 16, Article 4

California Acupuncture Regulations

1399.440. Location. Examinations shall be administered at times and locations to be determined by the board. If the same examination is administered in more than one location, it shall be administered concurrently in each location. 1399.441. Languages. Examinations shall be administered in English, Chinese, and Korean. An applicant shall notify the board of the desired language where provided for in the Application for Examination/Licensure. Translations and translators, when necessary for other languages, shall be provided in any language for which a translation is formally requested as provided above by a minimum of five percent (5) of the total number...

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Standards of Practice - Title 16, Article 5

California Acupuncture Regulations

1399.450. Condition of Office. Every acupuncture office shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition at all times, and shall have a readily accessible bathroom facility in accordance with Title 24, Part 2, Building Standards Code Sections 494A.1 and 1994 Uniform Building Code Section 2902.3. In all offices where non-disposable needles are used, there shall be functioning sterilization equipment. 1399.451. Treatment Procedures. In treating a patient, an acupuncturist shall adhere to the following procedures: The acupuncturist's hands shall be brush-scrubbed with soap and warm water immediately before examining patients or handling acupuncture needles and other instruments, and between...

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Miscellaneous Provisions - Title 16, Article 6

California Acupuncture Regulations

1399.460. Fees. The application fee shall be seventy-five dollars ($75). The examination and reexamination fee shall be five hundred, fifty dollars ($550), plus the applicable fingerprint processing fee in effect at the time the application is submitted. In order to establish and administer a birthdate renewal program, the initial license fee for an acupuncture license will be based on the date the license is issued and the birthmonth of the applicant. No license will be issued for less than twelve (12) months. The fee for an initial license shall be in accordance with the following schedule: Birth MonthMonth Fee...

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Acupuncture Corporations - Title 16, Article 7

California Acupuncture Regulations

1399.470. Citation and Authority. These regulations may be cited and referred to as the "Acupuncture Corporation Regulations". 1399.475. Requirements for Acupuncture Corporations. An acupuncture corporation shall comply with the following provisions: The corporation is organized and exists pursuant to the general corporation law and is a professional corporation within the meaning of Part 4, Division 3, Title 1 of the Corporations Code. Each shareholder, director, and officer (except as provided in Section 13403 of the Corporations Code and Section 4977.2 of the code) holds a valid acupuncture certificate. An acupuncturist may be a shareholder in more than one acupuncture...

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Continuing Education - Title 16, Article 8

California Acupuncture Regulations

1399.480. Definitions. For purposes of this article: "Approved Provider" means those persons or organizations offering continuing education as approved by the Board. "Course" means a systematic learning experience, at least one hour in length, which deals with and is designed for the acquisition of knowledge, skills and information relevant to the practice of acupuncture. "Hour" means at least fifty (50) minutes of participation in an organized learning experience. 1399.481. Criteria for Provider Approval. In order to be an approved provider, a provider shall submit to the board a provider application on a form provided by the board accompanied by...

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