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General Provisions - Title 16, Article 1

California Acupuncture Regulations

1399.400. Citation.
This chapter may be cited and referred to as the "Acupuncture Regulations."
1399.403. Definitions.
For the purpose of the regulations contained in this chapter, the terms
  1. "Board" shall mean the Acupuncture Board.
  2. "Code" shall mean the Business and Professions Code.
1399.405. Delegation of Functions.
Except for those powers reserved exclusively to the "agency itself" under the Administrative Procedure Act Section 11500, et seq. of the Government Code, the board delegates and confers upon the executive officer of the board, or in his or her absence, the executive director of the board, all functions necessary to the dispatch of business of the board in connection with investigative and administrative proceedings under the jurisdiction of the board.
1399.406. Filing of Addresses.
Each person holding a license, registration, approval or any other authority issued under this chapter shall file his or her proper and current mailing address with the board, and shall notify the board, in writing, within thirty (30) days of any and all changes of mailing address, giving both the old and new address.



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