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Standards of Practice - Title 16, Article 5

California Acupuncture Regulations

1399.450. Condition of Office.
  1. Every acupuncture office shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition at all times, and shall have a readily accessible bathroom facility in accordance with Title 24, Part 2, Building Standards Code Sections 494A.1 and 1994 Uniform Building Code Section 2902.3.
  2. In all offices where non-disposable needles are used, there shall be functioning sterilization equipment.
1399.451. Treatment Procedures.
In treating a patient, an acupuncturist shall adhere to the following procedures:
  1. The acupuncturist's hands shall be brush-scrubbed with soap and warm water immediately before examining patients or handling acupuncture needles and other instruments, and between patients.
  2. All acupuncture needles and other instruments shall be sterilized before and between uses in a manner which will destroy all microorganisms. All needle trays which contain sterile needles shall also be sterile. Each time needles or other instruments are sterilized, the acupuncturist shall use a tape or strip indicator which shows that sterilization is complete.
  3. Acupuncture points, where needles are to be inserted, shall be cleaned with an appropriate antiseptic before insertion of the needle.
  4. In the event an acupuncture needle inserted in a patient breaks subcutaneously, the treating acupuncturist shall immediately consult a physician. An acupuncturist shall not sever or penetrate the tissues in order to excise such a needle.
  5. Any complication, including but not limited to, hematoma, peritonitis or pneumothorax arising out of acupuncture treatment shall be referred immediately to a physician or dentist or podiatrist, if appropriate, if immediate medical treatment is required.
  6. Acupuncture shall not be performed using hypodermic needles.
  7. All acupuncture needles and instruments to be discarded shall be safely disposed of. Needles shall be discarded in one of the two following ways:
    1. They shall be sterilized and discarded in a sealed container, or
    2. They shall be placed in a sealed, unbreakable container marked "Hazardous Waste" and disposed of in a manner consistent with subsections (b), (c), (g) and (h) of Title 22 Cal. Code Reg. Section 66840.
1399.452. Treatments Outside the Office.
  1. Any acupuncturist who provides acupuncture treatment outside the office shall carry the required sterile needles and other instruments in a sterile airtight container.
  2. All standards of practice applicable to treatment outside the office shall be adhered to by the acupuncturist providing such treatment.
1399.453. Record keeping.
An acupuncturist shall keep complete and accurate records on each patient who is given acupuncture treatment, including but not limited to, treatments given and progress made as a result of the acupuncture treatments.
1399.455. Advertising.
  1. A licensed acupuncturist may advertise the provision of any acupuncture services authorized to be provided by such licensure in a manner authorized by Section 651 of the code so long as such advertising does not promote the excessive or unnecessary use of such services.
  2. It is improper advertising as provided in Section 4955 of the code to disseminate any advertising which represents in any manner that the acupuncturist can cure any type of disease, condition or symptom.
  3. It is improper advertising as provided in Section 4955 of the code to disseminate any advertising of a practice, technique or procedure which is not within the scope of the practice of acupuncture as defined in Section 4927 and 4937 of the code and which is the unlawful practice of medicine.
1399.456. Use of the Title "Doctor".
It is unprofessional conduct for an acupuncturist to use the title "Doctor" or the abbreviation "Dr." in connection with the practice of acupuncture unless he or she possesses a license or certificate which authorizes such use or possesses an earned doctorate degree from an accredited, approved or authorized educational institution as set forth under Article 4 (commencing with section 94760) of Chapter 7 of Part 59 which is in acupuncture, Oriental medicine, a biological science, or is otherwise related to the authorized practice of an acupuncturist as set forth in Sections 4927 and 4937 of the Code.
The use of the title "Doctor" or the abbreviation "Dr." by an acupuncturist as authorized above without further indicating the type of license, certificate or degree which authorizes such use, constitutes unprofessional conduct.



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