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How Are Complaints Filed?

Consumers Guide to Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

A complaint should be filed by anyone who believes that a licensed acupuncturist has engaged in illegal or unethical activities related to their professional responsibilities. Anyone may file a complaint, and the Board will review each complaint received.

The most effective complaints are those that contain firsthand, verifiable information. While anonymous complaints will be reviewed, many times it is impossible to pursue without documented evidence of the allegations made.

All complaints MUST be in writing and include the names, addresses and phone numbers of both the person making the complaint and the licensee. Please explain, in your own words, the nature and facts of your complaint. Include as much information as possible, including any documentary evidence available. You may use the consumer complaint form or file a complaint online at the Board's Web site, under Enforcement.

Complaints should be sent to:

444 North 3rd Street, Suite 260
Sacramento, CA 95814-0226



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